Don has a festive day out

Oh christ. You think he can’t go any lower and then…

My god he is standing there grinning and doing a thumbs up gesture!

He’s standing by a victim’s hospital bed in a sea of forced grins for his photo op!

He’s clapping his hands!

He collected all the nearby staff and made them grin next to him and his horrible thumb!

And, to top it off, he again treats the slaughter at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school as if it were an earthquake or a tornado rather than a human act that better laws could have prevented.

Ugh god I have seldom seen such a disgusting quartet of photos.

Updating to add: I was wrong about the clapping. A larger version of the photo reveals that Melania is making an open hands gesture while listening to the white coat person, while Donald has his folded in front of him.

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