Equal attention

A pull quote I strongly disagree with.

“Feminism without intersectionality—in other words, without sensitivity and equal attention to other nexuses of discrimination and oppression, such as race and sexuality—is worthless.”


Feminism is feminism. It’s about resistance to and elimination of the subordination of women. Its attention is for that. Intersectionality is about awareness that there are other forms of oppression and subordination, all of which can affect women; it is not about giving equal attention to all forms of oppression and subordination.

I keep saying this, but I suspect it needs to be said more times than there are atoms in the universe: isn’t it interesting how it’s only feminism that is constantly shouted at for not shifting its attention to everything except its own oppression. Isn’t it just a classic illustration of why feminism is needed in the first place. Isn’t it interesting the way the entire world expects women to be the caretaking class and thus feminism to be the self-abnegating rebellion.

In short, fxck off.

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