Extremely privileged people

Now have some of the other kind of comments on the Daily Nous piece, the “women have privilege over trans women” kind.

There’s the last coment (comments now being closed), which concludes with:

I’m not usually the one who lobs the “check your privilege” grenade, but in this case, we’re seeing extremely privileged people – upper-middle-class cis academics – casting aspersions on a highly marginalized class – transwomen.

Of course, for “upper-middle-class cis academics” read “women.” The authors of the piece are all women, as well as being PhDs in philosophy. The commenter, I think it’s fair to guess, has no idea whether all or any of them are “middle-class” or not – perhaps they all grew up in back-to-backs in coal country. How “privileged” academics are these days is highly debatable, especially when they are also women, especially when they are women in philosophy. And of course the authors don’t answer to the term “cis,” nor do they consider it a form of privilege. But the point is just to dress up “you bitches have privilege over trans women” with extra (but oh so feeble) reasons.

Then there’s this one from yesterday morning:

if scholars acknowledged that there is potential for interest clashes between natal women and trans women, but argued convincingly that trans women’s needs need to take precedence (the position I’m sympathetic to), then the force of the original post above would be massively deflated.

It just stuns me, that kind of thing. What other oppressed or marginalized group gets told that to its face by people who see themselves (conspicuously) as progressive?

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