A privileged standpoint

Here’s another example of that bizarro-world idea that women are now privileged unless they are also Of Color or trans:

I concur that it’s a mistake to treat the problem (of speaking from a privileged standpoint without full engagement with the work of those most vulnerable) as unique to any one person (or to any one group, like white cis women).

See that? We occupy a privileged standpoint now, just like that. Boom, feminism is over, women are dominant unless they are non-white and/or trans.

The author is not unique, nor is Hypatia unique in being willing to publish some work that handles race and gender identity questions in insufficiently attentive ways. Hypatia does, however, have a special commitment to taking robust engagement with marginalized standpoints seriously as crucial for feminist scholarship.

And “woman” is no longer a marginalized standpoint.

The rest of the thread veers into a deranged discussion of why “Becky” is an insult and how clueless it is or is not to be unaware of the role of “Becky” in black popular culture.

I can hear a thin little voice in my head, squeaking “Dear Muslima”…

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