Floods and fires

One effect of global warming was always going to be more extreme weather events. That’s not in the future tense any more.

Japan is being swamped by rain.

Record rainfall continued to batter Japan on Sunday, with millions of people being urged to leave their homes because of the risk of flooding and landslides that have already killed dozens.

Government officials pleaded with affected residents to “take adequate actions and follow evacuation instructions issued by municipal governments” as forecasters predicted more rain in western and central Japan.

The flooding had killed at least 68 people by Sunday afternoon, and 56 more were missing. More than three million people were told to move to safer places such as school buildings or municipal shelters.

In the US the fires have started already.

Firefighters have been able to build containment around several destructive wildfires burning in California.

The state’s largest blaze, the 138-square-mile County Fire burning in Napa and Yolo counties, is 57 percent contained. It has destroyed 10 structures since it broke out June 30. It’s one of many fires burning around the drought-ridden states in the U.S. West.

In early July.

Trump is at his golf course today.

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