Forced allegiance: is it worth having?

From the Classroom Vignettes file:

A teacher with Colorado’s Boulder Valley School District was placed on paid administrative leave following an alleged incident at the middle school, the school district said Thursday. CBS Denver confirmed the Lafayette Police Department is investigating reports that teacher allegedly assaulted a student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Karen Smith, Angevine’s physical education teacher, was placed on leave Thursday.

This again. Football players MUST stand up with their hands on their chests (one hand per player) when a certain song is sung. God MUST be namechecked whenever a politician comments on an outburst of violence. Students MUST swear fealty to a piece of cloth and to God at the start of every school day. All this MUST be mandatory or everything will rot and fall off and die.

Except of course that none of that is true, but it’s treated as if it were true.

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