The French are not as in love with Macron as Donnie is. They’re definitely not in love with the beautiful friendship between the pair of them.

[D]isdain for Trump is not a fringe phenomenon in France, where opinion polls consistently show that the U.S. president is deeply unpopular — much more so than Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and China’s Xi Jinping. The general sense is that Macron is playing with fire, even if he can establish himself, and France, as Trump’s leading interlocutor in a Europe that has largely remained at arm’s length.

Some in France have also started using the evidence of the increasingly tactile relationship between Macron and Trump to point out what they consider to be uncomfortable similarities between the two presidents, especially on immigration.

They hates it, both of them.

Macron’s immigration policy had already alienated some of his supporters in recent months.

In January, the French magazine L’Obs, formerly known as Le Nouvel Observateur, which was favorable to his candidacy throughout his presidential run, placed him on the cover behind a barbed-wire fence: “Welcome to the Country of Human Rights,” the headline said.

Macron’s perceived similarity with Trump on the issue has only fanned the flames of outrage.

In a bilateral news conference on Tuesday, Trump underscored these apparent points of intersection, in remarks about “uncontrolled migration.”

He could always go back to Scotland…

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