Give the men more points

Ah, so that’s how it’s done.

A Japanese medical school deliberately cut women’s entrance test scores for at least a decade, an investigation panel said on Tuesday, calling it a “very serious” instance of discrimination, but school officials denied having known of the manipulations.

The alterations were uncovered in an internal investigation of a graft accusation this spring regarding the entrance exam for Tokyo Medical University, sparking protests and anger.

Lawyers investigating bribery accusations in the admission of the son of a senior education ministry official said they concluded that his score, and those of several other men, were boosted “unfairly” – by as much as 49 points, in one case.

When it becomes unfashionable to tell women to go away, one has to resort to secret manipulations.

They also concluded that scores were manipulated to give men more points than women and thus hold down the number of women admitted, since school officials felt they were more likely to quit the profession after having children, or for other reasons.

“This incident is really regrettable – by deceptive recruitment procedures, they sought to delude the test takers, their families, school officials and society as a whole,” lawyer Kenji Nakai told a news conference.

This kind of thing is one hint as to how James Damore’s “manifesto” was so wrong: we can’t assume women “just don’t like tech as much as men do” when there are still so many obstacles being thrown under their wheels all the time.

The investigation showed that the scores of men, including those reappearing after failing once or twice, were raised, while those of all women, and men who had failed the test at least three times, were not.

Inflate the men’s scores but leave the women’s alone – that’s a level playing field, right? After all they didn’t lower the women’s scores.

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