Guest post: If you’re cheering on a government shutdown

Guest post by James Garnett.

I see a lot of people cheering on a government shutdown. You need to consider what this means. It’s not just parks closing. During a shutdown, the National Science Foundation stops payments, which can rapidly result in research coming to a halt. For time-sensitive studies, this can mean the loss of data collection that can destroy a study completely. Research projects that have been funded to the tune of millions or even billions of dollars, which have been ongoing forĀ years, can come to an abrupt end without results. That can cripple careers.

Also, remember that we are in the middle of one of the worst and most dangerous flu outbreaks in recent years. Guess who else gets shuttered during a shutdown? The CDC. Guess what the CDC runs? An influenza mitigation program. Oh, there’s also the drug assistance that it provides to people with AIDS, who will just have to go without. Think about what “going without” life saving medication does to people.

There’s also the NIH. Research on life-saving medical techniques will stop. “It’s just a few days”, you might say. Dunno about you, but if my remaining lifespan were measured in days, that might seem like a pretty arrogant and callous sentiment.

You know who DOES keep getting funded? The spies. The spooks. The people with their fingers on the nuclear buttons.

If you’re cheering a government shutdown, shame on you.

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