Guest post: Not forgotten

Originally a comment by iknklast on Aw, another rift.

forgotten men and women of this country

Honestly, I am so sick of this phrase. No one has forgotten these people; they would never let us. They make more noise, and get more attention than any other group. Bernie Sanders suggested putting up a pro-life Democrat to make these people happy. Every pundit across the spectrum has been saying for at least the past 5 election cycles that these are the people we should be pandering to, instead of “identity politics”, which means, in translation, we should be continuing to ensure that white midwesterners who are Christian and anti-feminist, who are pro-life and pro-Jesus, should continue to run the country (as they have been doing for most of history).

From me to Donald Trump: Yo, Donnie! Your base is not forgotten! Your base was never forgotten! The “forgotten” men and women of this country are those who are impoverished, minority, female, and/or non-Christian! Michael Brown…Treyvon Martin…see, I’m even having trouble remembering the names, and I don’t forget these truly forgotten people.

The Ammon Bundys and Phil Robertsons of the world are not forgotten, have never been forgotten, and will probably never be forgotten, much as we might try. The only reason Donnie’s base is angry is that someone is trying to render them equal with everyone else, instead of superior….and Donnie thinks they should be superior, because…well, because white. Because male. Because wealthy. Because voted for Donnie.

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