Guest post: The biggest blow patriarchy has dealt to women

Guest post by Josh Slocum.

The biggest blow patriarchy has dealt to women has been successfully convincing women that the domains of reason, logic, and analysis are oppression. That these are not faculties of women. That they are not reliable ways of navigating the world.

This is how patriarchy—as a system with women as active collaborators along with men—has stolen power from women in recent history. Removing from women the natural, objective ability to see the truth, speak it, and to be treated as one who has spoken the truth.

Many women take it and run, retreating into mysticism and renouncing the notions of logic, cause and effect, and objectivity as “male violence” imposed from the outside. Many speak of “my truth” instead of “the truth.” Why? Because the idea is that there is no such thing as truth. That the way to power is to have “your truth,” (your personal, only-you, point of view) “respected.”

What do we remove from someone when we remove the ability to rely on reason and logic?

–We remove the power of the rule of law; nothing can be adjudicated

–We remove the power of careful observation; it’s only what you think appeared to happen, so no action can be taken

–We remove the ability to accurately assess danger, and retrain the mind to consider danger tells as “bigotry” or a lack of “personal growth and security.”

Tell me how this is good for women, or anyone in an oppressed position?

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