Help prevent shame spirals

California’s consumer protection office sued Goop for making bullshit claims about putting  jade and rose quartz eggs in one’s vagina. Goop settled. Goop has to pay a not nearly large enough sum of money.

Goop claimed its jade and rose quartz eggs, which are inserted vaginally, could balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycles, among other things.

Based on exactly what, one wonders. Just a little daydream? A hunch? A poetic feeling for the wisdom of nature?

Goop said in a statement that while it “believes there is an honest disagreement about these claims, the company wanted to settle this matter quickly and amicably. This settlement does not indicate any liability on Goop’s part”.

Both the jade and rose quartz eggs, which are sold for $66 and $55 respectively, are still for sale, but Goop is prohibited from making further health claims that are not backed up by science.

Stuff has more details:

The Jade Egg (US$66), as currently displayed on Goop’s website, says it is “used by women to increase sexual energy”, while the Rose Quartz Egg (US$55) is “associated with positive energy and love”.

Sneaky. People can “use” anything for anything, and anything can be “associated with” anything. The claims are meaningless but they will doubtless trick many into buying the stuff.

Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend (US$22), also currently sold out on the site, can be taken on the tongue, added to water and used externally “to help prevent ‘shame spirals’ downward toward depressive states,” the site says.

Ya that makes sense. You put a nice smell on your arm then you sniff it and you feel smell-goody instead of shame. Science!

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