He’s busy

Yesterday Trump was way too busy with important president stuff to be talking about Roseanne Barr.

On Tuesday, when Sarah Sanders was asked for Trump’s view about the cancellation, Sanders said “that’s not what the president is looking at. That’s not what he’s spending his time on. And I think that we have a lot bigger things going on in the country right now, certainly that the President is spending his time when it comes to policy.”

He was thinking about North Korea, trade deals, the military, the economy, not trivial stuff about some sitcom actor’s racist tweets.

Today, on the other hand, he was thinking about himself and how come nobody calls him up to apologize? North Korea and trade deals forgotten.

The White House insisted on Wednesday it was not defending Roseanne Barr for the racist tweet that ultimately led to her sitcom’s cancellation on ABC.

But President Donald Trump and his press secretary Sarah Sanders insisted they were also owed an apology from ABC for airing derogatory comments about the administration.

It was an expansive answer on a topic Sanders had said just a day before was not on Trump’s radar. It reflected the President’s deeply felt resentment at his portrayal in the media, and his long list of grievances at perceived slights over the past year.

“The President is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying the most horrible things about this President and nobody addresses it,” Sanders told reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing.

Which is what presidents do, naturally. That was Obama’s reaction to the massacre in Charleston, for sure – “why isn’t everyone talking about meeeeeeee?”

No, that’s a bitter joke; that wasn’t his reaction, because he’s not a fucking child. But Sarah Sanders goes out there and says that, with apparent sincerity.

Sanders expanded on that sentiment, reading from a list of examples meant to bolster Trump’s point, including ESPN host Jemele Hill calling Trump a white supremacist on Twitter, “The View” host Joy Behar likening Christianity to mental illness and ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann attacking Trump as a Nazi.

“This is a double standard that the President is speaking about,” Sanders said. “No one is defending her comments. They were inappropriate. But that was the point that he was making.”

“The President is simply calling out media bias,” Sanders said. “No one is defending what she said. The President is the President of all Americans and he’s focused on doing what is best for our country.”

All Americans? Really? Immigrants? Poor people? Brown people? Liberals? Democrats? Women? Civil servants? FBI agents?

Nah. That’s just another lie.

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