Index on Censorship will no longer support this event

Index on Censorship withdraws from Truth to Power events:

Earlier today, Index on Censorship became aware that the organiser of an event, of which we are a media partner, disinvited Julie Bindel as a speaker after other participants accused her of inciting hatred towards transgender people and complained about her involvement.

We recognise that the event organiser Jeremy Goldstein has apologised for his mistake and offered to reinstate Bindel on the panel and she has refused.

Index believes that all speech – eccentric, contentious, heretical, unwelcome, provocative, bigoted – should be protected unless it directly incites violence.

Index on Censorship will no longer support this event.

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe exactly what Index believes in that list. Almost, but not quite. I have reservations about speech that indirectly incites violence. That means I don’t think frothing hate-sessions aimed at Other Races or That Dumb Sex or Those Filthy Foreigners should be protected…but it is a massive grey area and it’s hard to pin down exactly what speech makes the cut and what doesn’t.

That’s beside the point here, though. It’s just a big lie that Julie “incites hatred towards transgender people.” She doesn’t, and inviting her and then dumping her is just bullshit.

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