Kelly knew

Kelly knew about Rob Porter. He knew and did nothing; he didn’t care. Porter was unable to get a security clearance because of the allegations of violence toward women. The job Porter was doing absolutely requires a security clearance, because the Staff Secretary sees everything – all the security briefings and all the everything. Porter was doing the job without the necessary clearance, which he couldn’t get because his two former wives said he punched them. Oh and also? Hope Hicks was dating him, and she helped write the White House statement about his firing yesterday.

All totally fine, folks, just walk on, keep the sidewalks clear. Today is National Prayer Breakfast day, so Trump duly stood up and told everyone how awesome God is.

Mr. Trump’s remarks came amid growing questions about how the White House handled allegations of domestic violence against one of the president’s closest aides.

The White House chief of staff, John F. Kelly, steadfastly defended the aide, Rob Porter, right up until Mr. Porter resigned on Wednesday. Officials now say the White House was aware of the charges against Mr. Porter, which contributed to a delay in granting him a security clearance for his post as staff secretary.

Just brilliant. One, they knew the guy in this sensitive job was accused of hitting women, and two, they knew that was why he had no security clearance, and three, they had him doing the job anyway. Maybe four will turn out to be that Russia has been blackmailing him all along.

Still, the president seemed entirely at ease with his audience. If anything, he has strengthened his position with evangelicals in the last year, in part because of the Jerusalem decision. They have shown unshakable support for him, even after reports that one of his associates paid hush money to a porn star with whom Mr. Trump had an affair before he became president. Mr. Trump has denied the affair.

Melania Trump is reported not to believe his denial. The “affair” is reported to have taken place weeks after Melania gave birth.

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