Trump misses Rob wifebeater Porter and wants him back.

President Trump has stayed in touch with Rob Porter, the former White House staff secretary who stepped down after allegations that he had abused his two former wives came to light, according to three people familiar with the conversations, and has told some advisers he hopes Mr. Porter returns to work in the West Wing.

He sees Porter as a “they just don’t understand us!” bro.

From Fire and Fury:

Here was, Bannon saw again, the essential Trump problem. He hopelessly personalized everything. He saw the world in commercial and show business terms: someone was always trying to one-up you, someone else was always trying to take the limelight.

Bannon realized it was about institutions rather than people.

To Trump, he was just up against Sally Yates, who was, he steamed, “such a cunt.”

What do we do to women who are such cunts? Bam, that’s what.

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