Non-optional goddery

I find this so infuriating – no doubt disproportionately so, but all the same.

When Tennessee K-12 public students begin classes next month, the national motto “In God We Trust” will be required to be posted somewhere in their schools.

That’s not a real thing – a “national motto.” Congress can make one up if it wants to, but it’s stupid. Congress can make up a national sandwich, a national rock song, a national hat, a national ice cream flavor – a national any damn thing, but it doesn’t mean anything. And as for making up a “national motto” that is a fact claim about a non-existent magical sky-pest – they can fuck right off with that. It’s grotesque that anyone should be forcing it on children who attend public schools. There is no god, and I don’t trust it an inch. Both.

What’s called the “National Motto Act” passed quietly at the Tennessee General Assembly last April.

The bill says local districts shall require each school to display ‘In God We Trust” in a prominent location such as an entry, cafeteria or common area.

The bill’s sponsor said there is no penalty for not displaying the motto.

Disgusting. Keep your god to yourselves.

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