Off with his head

I bet Trump was really jealous of Kim’s relationship with the press. He wishes he could shut up those pesky reporters who ask him questions he doesn’t like.

President Trump’s campaign manager on Tuesday called for a CNN White House correspondent to have his media credentials pulled for asking questions while Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were signing an agreement at their Singapore summit.

Brad Parscale, who in February was named manager of Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, took to Twitter to condemn the actions of Jim Acosta.

“Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended,” Parscale wrote. “He is an absolute disgrace!”

Why? Because he asked Trump a question, duh.

As Trump and Kim were signing the document in front of a small group of reporters, Acosta asked Trump: “Mr. President, did he agree to denuclearize?”

Trump looked up and responded, “We’re starting that process very quickly.”

After another reporter posed a question, Acosta asked whether Trump and Kim had discussed Otto Warmbier, an American student who died last year after returning to the United States from a labor camp in North Korea. Trump did not respond.

Outrageous, huh?

At a subsequent news conference, Trump called on Acosta for a question, cautioning him to “be respectful.”

No, reporters don’t have to be “respectful” of that jumped up toad. He’s not a god-emperor and he’s not the boss of us.

During his 2016 presidential bid, Trump’s campaign temporarily banned several news organizations from his rallies, including The Washington Post, citing dissatisfaction with the coverage.

Last month, Trump raised the prospect of taking away credentials from media outlets that he believes are reporting negatively on his administration.

I repeat. He’s not a god-emperor and he’s not the boss of us.

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