Only a 12-minute shindig

Trump’s Spite the Eagles party was a dud.

Donald Trump’s “celebration of America” at the White House, hastily put together on Tuesday in the absence of Super Bowl winners the Philadelphia Eagles, proved that rare thing in the Trump era: an anti-climax.

“I was surprised from the ordeal to get here that it was only a 12-minute shindig,” said Emma Wittstruck Call, 30, who did not vote for the president. “I thought it would be longer.”

Trump handed more ammunition to critics who compare him to a tinpot dictator wrapping himself in the flag and appealing to cheap patriotism. He did not mention the Eagles or attempt to heal divisions.

The event on the south lawn had been intended to follow the tradition of US presidents welcoming the national football champions to the White House. But on Monday night Trump disinvited the Eagles after learning that fewer than 10 players planned to attend, reopening his feud with American athletes over protests during the national anthem.

So there were some flags, and Trump said words for four minutes, and then the US marine band and the US army chorus played “God Bless America” so that we could see mandatory patriotism and mandatory godbothering combined in one crap song.

At the daily White House briefing on Tuesday afternoon, Sanders seemed to attempt again to cast the NFL team in a bad light with its followers, saying “the Eagles are the ones that changed their commitment at the last minute … and the president thinks that the fans deserve better than that.”

“Certainly,” she added, “we would hope that all of the people of Pennsylvania would share the Potus’s commitment to the national anthem and pride that we have in the country.”

No. We’re not required to demonstrate pride in the country, especially when it’s under the thumb of an ignorant sadistic crook. We’re even less required to share “commitment” to any particular song, even if people do label it “the national anthem.” It’s just a song. It’s just a symbol. It’s just advertising. We don’t have to share it or be committed to it or bend the knee to it or anything else. It’s none of Sarah Sanders’s or Donald Trump’s business whether or not we show deference to a song. Sanders shouldn’t be spending official time trying to shame us into it.

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