Oops, that was the carotid artery

Just one of those things.

A man has been jailed for six years for killing a woman he stabbed in the throat during a “bizarre and violent” sex game.

Jason Gaskell severed 21-year-old Laura Huteson’s jugular vein and carotid artery with a knife while having sex at his home in Hull on 27 February.

As one does. You know how it is – you get warmed up, everybody’s panting like a dog, and out comes the knife.

“It appears you harboured a desire for, and regularly put into practice, a particularly extreme form of sexual activity in that you enjoyed sadomasochism whereby you held the throats of sexual partners very tightly and regularly used a knife in the midst of sexual congress, usually by holding it against the throat of a woman.”

Well, it has to be a woman, of course. What fun is it otherwise?! It has to be someone smaller, someone not as strong, someone it’s easy to subdue or cause pain or choke, should the need arise.

So anyway, she’s dead but he had a really fun evening.

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