Policy options

Many people are disputing Robin Hanson. He repeats the same weird nonsense.


Questioner: Barring disability, how do incels have less access to sex than anyone else?

Hanson: The same way poor people have less access to yachts and private jets.

Er, no. Sex with others is not the same kind of thing as yachts and private jets. Sex with others is with others; it requires a willing (or willing-if-paid) human being. “Access” to it isn’t like access to the local gym or access to banking services or access to the third floor. Talking of “access” to sex is a deliberately crude way to characterize an interaction between people. It’s like a bad joke from The Big Bang Theory – some friend of Sheldon’s on a first date requesting “access to sex” in exchange for dinner.

“Redistribution” means “change the distribution”. A great many who have commented can’t imagine any policy options to change the distribution of sex access other than rape and slavery, and so accuse me of advocating such things. But a great many other policy options exist.

Well, no doubt it’s possible to generate a great many words that look like policy options, but the reality is that unless we’re talking about extreme authoritarianism, it’s not possible to have “policy options” to change the “distribution” of sex. It’s not possible because it’s so undesirable.

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