Reasons for becoming “non-binary”

Oh look at that now. Remember Gregor Murray? The Dundee councillor who “identifies as gender non-binary”? And had to apologize last month for calling some women “utter cunts”?

Not the first time he’s had to apologize. Pink News back in May 2014:

The former chair of the Scottish National Party’s LGBT group has attacked First Minister Alex Salmond’s plan for a 40% female quota in boardrooms.

SNP Councillor Gregor Murray, the deputy convener of education on Dundee City Council, was previously convener of the SNP’s LGBT group, Out for Independence, when it was still an unofficial organisation within the SNP.

The Herald reports Cllr Murray wrote on Facebook that the quota was “the biggest load of piss I have ever seen in my life”.

He went on to call it “fucking stupid.”

Although females make up 52% of the population, only 36% of public board members and just 21% of board chairs in Scotland are held by women.

Scottish Labour equalities spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said: “When even senior nationalists are admitting that Alex Salmond’s recent conversion to gender equality in his cabinet is tokenism, you know that he is fooling no-one and most women will see the SNP’s clumsy attempts to woo them for what they are.”

An SNP spokesman said: “Women now make up 40% of the Scottish Government Cabinet, and ensuring that women make up at least 40% of the boards of our public bodies will help to drive that change forward – something that the SNP takes extremely ­seriously, even if Labour clearly does not.”

Cllr Murray has since sought to apologise for his use of language.

He really dislikes women – but now that he’s “non-binary” that’s okay.

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