After facing a backlash

The pitfalls of being woke:

Dundee’s children and families convener has apologised after being blasted over a series of expletive-laden outbursts on social media.

Not just expletives though. “Expletive” is a bit of a euphemism, as so many words that name this behavior are. There is swearing, and then there is…that thing there is no one word for, that is about expressing hatred of people for being female or not white or lesbian or gay or foreign and so on. Saying fuck is one thing, and calling people cunts or niggers is another. The Dundee guy did both.

Councillor Gregor Murray launched into a stream of explicit tirades on Saturday following reports of an anti-trans protest at a London Pride event.

The protest wasn’t “anti-trans.” It was anti some of the claims of some forms of the ideology of some trans activists. There’s a big difference.

The councillor, who identifies as gender non-binary, described a group of women blocking the front of the march as “utter cunts” and asked a fellow Twitter user, “where’s your fucking solidarity you transphobic b*****?”. (“bugger”? I’m not sure.)

Cllr Murray added: “Get to fuck with your medieval views, you horrible bigot. Stonewall started with trans people. Don’t you fucking dare sully it with your anti-trans bullshit.” [Asterisks replaced by letters where possible]

The children’s convener has now admitted the use of such crass language “reflects badly upon my city and my party” after facing a backlash over the outbursts.

But “crass” isn’t the real problem. Sure maybe it’s not a great look for a councillor to be throwing the fucks around on Twitter, but it’s a horrendous look for a councillor to be calling women “utter cunts.”

Gregor Murray, naturally, is ignoring that fact entirely.

Cllr Murray said: “Over the weekend, a small minority of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists attempted to disrupt Pride in London. They misrepresented the history of our LGBTI Community, and attacked many of my friends and colleagues.

They didn’t attack anyone.

“In my anger, I used a lot of crass language which was not appropriate. I took their messages personally, and reacted in a manner which reflects badly upon my city and my party.”

Again: “crass” is not the issue. He’s letting himself off way too easily there.

Councillor Murray’s actions have repeatedly caused chaos for fellow councillors and politicians.

Cllr Murray, the authority’s equality spokesperson, was also called out last year by then Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale for “blatant sexism” after he branded a women’s group campaigning for equal representation as “absolute roasters”.

The Urban Dictionary is helpful on “roasters”:

Scottish slang. Can be used to describe someone who is making a complete cunt of themselves.

Ok then. Councillor Murray is a Scot so there you go.

Lovely wee man.

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