Remember, he’s not a real Strzok

Trump has been on a Twitter binge. (Does he ever do any actual work?) One in particular got my attention.

What what what? That sounds as if the FBI has been doing Trump’s bidding. Who is this Swecker and where did Don get that weird assertion? So I googled Swecker’s name and got a Think Progress piece from a couple of hours ago:

As he’s in the habit of doing, on Wednesday morning President Trump tweeted out a quote from a friendly conservative commentator — his goal this time being to justify the controversial firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Trump shared a quote from former FBI official Chris Swecker, who wrote in a Fox News column that the Strzok firing “was a deci[sive] step in the right direction in correcting the wrongs committed by what has been described as Comey’s skinny inner circle.”

The Fox column, as you can see, is dated yesterday. Think Progress continues:

But there’s a big problem with Swecker’s column that Trump seemingly missed — to make his case, he cited tweets posted by fake Peter Strzok Twitter accounts.

Oh good grief. I was fooled by that account for a couple of minutes right after Strzok was fired, and then I looked more closely and saw the @notpeterstrzok part. Apparently Swecker didn’t get that far.

“Strzok is now engaged in an unhinged Twitter rant of vitriol towards President Trump that matches the hatred he expressed for Trump in his texts with Page. He has even revealed new and possibly classified or confidential investigative detail – or simply told lies – on Twitter,” Swecker wrote, paraphrasing fake Strzok tweets.

As this is published, the real Strzok has only posted two tweets, and neither of them attack[s] the president.

Trump promoted a column featuring fake Strzok quotes just minutes after he posted a tweet that employed circular reasoning to make a case that the FBI is infected with anti-Trump bias.

Lies piled on lies, obstruction piled on obstruction.

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