Fetish or latest woke thing?

Oh, a new one – I thought it was just a joke/analogy to talk about “identifying as” an infant but no, of course not, I should have known: it’s a Thing. It’s Adult Babies.

It starts with Neville Southall and (of course) Twitter:

Big Nev has latterly taken to tweeting about social and political issues from a left-wing / liberal perspective, building his follower list to a hefty 144,000.

As part of his aims to spread awareness about various issues, he regularly hands over control of his account to different charities – past participants have been LGBT groups, sex worker groups and a drugs helpline.

Which brings us to Wednesday, when it was announced that a a woman who runs an adult nursery – that’s a nursery for adults who pretend they are babies for therapeutic reasons – would take over the account on August 21.

Grace Rogers, who runs Mummy Grace’s adult nursery and is also a psychotherapist, describes her business as “a welcoming space where Adult Babies… and those seeking to consider events of their early years are free to explore their younger sides.”

Then there was a “duck’s off” tweet – i.e. Southall canceled the adult baby takeover.

It turns out that some people replied to Southall’s and Rogers’ tweets announcing the takeover to say that ABDL (shorthand for the adult baby community, meaning adult baby diaper lover) is in fact a fetish and has a sexual element, something Rogers strongly denies.

Others complained that the act of dressing up like a baby was “triggering” to survivors of sexual abuse as children.


So – any bets? Will this be that time a fetish hilarious to outsiders almost became a social justice thing but didn’t and everyone laughed? Or will it be that time a fetish hilarious to outsiders became a social justice thing in a matter of hours. In a few months will the Twitter ranters be ranting about ABERFs instead of TERFs? You may ask what do radical feminist have to do with adult babies, but come on now – who is expected to do all the work when it comes to babies? Uh huh. It will be ABERFs if it’s anything.


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