She would be incredible

Special meaning of “everyone” – everyone he talks to, everyone on Fox, everyone in his¬†administration.

Actually, in reality, probably not even all of them. Trump’s abysmal theory of mind is quite capable of translating one person who nervously said (when asked) that it would be okay into everyone actively wanting it.

Because why would anyone actually want Ivanka Trump as UN ambassador? She’s a fashion marketer with no obvious intelligence and very obviously no expertise or knowledge. You might as well want any random person you pass on the street to be UN ambassador.

Princess Ivanka is neither intelligent nor informed, plus she’s deeply tainted by most of what we know about her – by her father, her acceptance of a job in a presidential administration that she is in no way qualified for, her acquiescence in her father’s disgusting policies and actions, her marriage to the corrupt Jared Kushner, and no doubt more. It’s not just that she’s not good enough, it’s also that she’s much too bad.

And then there’s Trump’s breezy disdain for the law against nepotism. Yes, people would say making Princess Ivanka the US ambassador to the UN would be called nepotism, because it would be nepotism. Nepotism is bad and we don’t want it and there are laws against it. Trump thinks he gets to flout and laugh at laws that should constrain him, and that makes him a dictator.

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