Stable geniosity

Trump continued his spoiled brat routine all the way to the end.

Even as he declared that the American commitment to the trans-Atlantic alliance “remains very strong” ahead of his summit meeting next week with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, he continued to assail close partners and further strain diplomatic relations.

In the closing hours of the two-day gathering in Brussels with leaders of the other NATO nations, he forced a last minute emergency meeting to address his grievances over spending. Then he called a news conference to claim credit for having pressured NATO members to boost their defense budgets “like they never have before.”

That claim was quickly dismissed by the leaders of both Italy and France, who disputed that they had made any new pledges for boosting spending, adding to the sense of disarray.

The White House hastily called the news conference amid reports that Mr. Trump had unleashed a tirade at a closed-door morning meeting against member countries he complained were still not spending enough on their militaries. Mr. Trump used the news conference to hail himself, again, as a “stable genius,” saying he deserved “total credit” for pushing the allies to increase their military spending by more than previously agreed to.

It’s funny that he picks those two qualities to insist on, when he so conspicuously lacks both of them. He’s the stupidest and most chaotic US president any of us have ever seen.

Asked whether Mr. Trump had threatened to leave NATO, Mr. Macron said, “Generally, I do not comment on what goes on behind the scenes, but at no moment did President Trump — neither bilaterally nor multilaterally — say that he was intending to leave NATO.”

Mr. Trump himself said, “It all came together at the end, and yes, it was a little tough for a little while.” He added, “But ultimately, you can ask anybody at that meeting, they’re really liking what happened over the last two days.”

Well, maybe, but if so we haven’t heard about it yet.

Mr. Trump said that, after a weekend in Scotland at Turnberry — a golf course and Trump business that he plugged in the news conference as “magical” — he would go “to a pretty hot spot” to meet with Mr. Putin.

Not supposed to do that. Nope. Not supposed to use official news conferences in his role as president to advertise his golf courses. Nope nope nope.

Currently he’s in the helicopter between Regent’s Park and Blenheim. I hope he’s airsick.

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