Suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence

I did some reading up on the Southern Baptist Convention for Does God Hate Women?

They still hate women.

Paige Patterson is the 75-year-old president of Fort Worth’s Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, which claims to be one of the largest schools of its kind in the world. He is lionized among Baptists for his role in the “conservative resurgence,” which is what some call the movement to oust theological liberals beginning in the 1970s. But this week, his past legacy and present credibility were called into question when a 2000 audio recording surfaced in which Patterson said he has counseled physically abused women to avoid divorce and to focus instead on praying for their violent husbands, and to “be submissive in every way that you can.”

I’m not sure what that “But” is doing there. Ordering women to submit is the core of theological conservatism. Shocker: yes that includes submitting to abuse, yes including physical abuse. Male dominance is all-important.

Some notable SBC leaders echoed concerns about Patterson’s comments and whether he should step down. Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay Christian Resources, a book-publishing house and retail chain that is owned by the SBC, released a statement denouncing domestic abuse and calling out Patterson by name. Ed Stetzer, a former Southern Baptist employee who is currently a professor at Wheaton College, penned an article for Christianity Today arguing that Patterson must resign post-haste. Others, including theologian Albert Mohler and mega-church pastor Matt Chandler, also made statementscondemning spousal abuse.

But the tight-knit Southern Baptist boys’ club is not so easily unraveled, and many leaders have sheltered their colleague. Some have simply remained mum. The denomination’s Executive Committee has not acknowledged the controversy despite the media coverage it has received…Others have actually offered their support. For example, Atlanta-based pastor and former SBC President Johnny Hunt took to Twitter to praise Patterson as “a man of God and a man of your word.”

Who is God? The ultimate Male, that’s who. Men are made in the image of God and women are not. This isn’t some peripheral bit of fluff, it’s central – more central than anything else. Men are the boss and women are the slave. End of story.

One can only imagine how the million of Southern Baptist women feel when their own denomination cannot seem to muster enough moral courage to offer a full-throated repudiation of domestic abuse. The denomination holds that God intends for wives to submit to their husbands and has not passed a resolution on domestic violence since 1979.

Some of the women will feel ok when their own denomination refuses to condemn domestic violence against women (and girls, of course), because they’ve been trained to. Goddy belief is a powerful drug.

It’s somewhat easier to tolerate disagreement on matters like race when the majority of SBC churches are overwhelmingly white. But when every congregation is at least 50 percent female, domestic abuse hits closer to home.

But that’s why. Women are everywhere, the men can’t escape them, so it’s important to keep the hierarchy firmly in place.

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