The gazelle card

Not a good analogy. Nobody is saying trans people shouldn’t compete in sport at all, some people are saying male-bodied people shouldn’t compete against women. Nobody is saying trans people are non-human animals. Nobody is saying trans people should be rounded up and sent to camps. Feminist women are not comparable to Nazis.

This impasse is one reason I can’t see most trans activism as genuinely progressive: it’s so resolutely blind and indifferent to the vulnerabilities and disadvantages of anyone else. Another way of putting it would be that it’s so unintersectional. A progressive trans activism would give a shit about any physical advantages trans women might have over women. It wouldn’t callously wave that off and carry on regardless. It wouldn’t be so grossly narcissistic.

Updating to add: Of course there’s another aspect, which I overlooked.

Oh yes, that. Rachel McKinnon is not comparable to victims of Nazism. Rachel McKinnon being told that male bodies have an advantage over female bodies in cycle racing is not comparable to being a victim of genocide.

It’s all about the narcissism.

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