The group dressed up as a wall

Make Murka Grate Again.

Incorporating Donald Trump’s border wall into a Halloween costume is questionable at best — especially if you’re an elementary school teacher.

That’s exactly what a group of staff members discovered at an elementary school in Middleton, Idaho.

Pictures, which were posted on the Middleton School District Facebook page but have since been deleted, showed the group dressed up as a wall with the phrase “Make America Great Again” on it. Another group in a second picture was dressed up with sombreros, carrying maracas and wearing fake black mustaches, which some parents called racist.

Not to mention dumb, ignorant, patronizing, clueless, so last century, mean, childish…

The district superintendent apologized.

Beth Almanza, an immigrant rights advocate with the Idaho DACA Students group called the photos “extremely disheartening” and “heartbreaking.”
“Imagine how some of the students felt when they walked into their classrooms on Halloween and saw their teachers (people they look up to) dressed like this?” she posted. “Students deserve better.”
According to data compiled by Idaho Ed Trends, almost 13% of the school’s population is Hispanic.
So they all wear sombreros to school, right?

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