The main problem is women themselves

Zoe Williams has some thoughts on “incels”:

Some of the fault, in their eyes, is with attractive men who have sex with too many women – “We need to do something about the polygamy problem,” said the Incelcast, an astonishing three-hour podcast about the Toronto attack – but, of course, the main problem is women themselves, who become foes as people, but also as a political entity. There is a lot of discussion about how best to punish them, with mass rape fantasies and threads on how to follow women without getting arrested, just for the thrill of having them notice you. Feminism is held responsible for a dude who can’t get laid, and birth control is said to have caused “women to date only Chads. It causes all sorts of negative social ramifications”.

It’s always women’s fault, one way or another. Women are Mommy, who got it wrong at some point for sure, if only because she did most of the work. Women are Cunt-havers, who unfairly deny access to the Ego while sluttishly granting it to OtherPeople. Women are Bitches, who piss us off one way or another. Women are hags, who dare to exist without being sexually appealing. Women are whores, who need no introduction. Women are TERFs, who are legitimate targets of every kind of violence.

They borrow a lot of language from the equality/civil rights agenda – society “treats single men like trash, and it has to stop. The people in power, women, can change this, but they refuse to. They have blood on their hands,” read one post the morning after the Toronto attack. Basically, their virginity is a discrimination or apartheid issue, and only a state-distributed girlfriend programme, outlawing multiple partners, can rectify this grand injustice. Yet at the same time, they hate victims, snowflakes, liberals, those who campaign for any actual equality.

Well the state-distributed girlfriend programme is what makes that not a contradiction: no genuine anti-discrimination or anti-apartheid movement would promote a program of state-distributed human beings, because the word for that is “slavery.” People are not things to be distributed; it’s a pretty simple concept. Women are human beings, not sexual opportunities for men.

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