The Oslo police are investigating

I’ve seen one or two headlines lately saying Trump had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but I didn’t follow them up. (There’s only so much disgust I can take in one day.) But it may have been a false alarm.

[A] wrinkle in this time-honored process — the peace prize was first awarded in 1901 — emerged on Tuesday, when the committee announced that it had uncovered what appeared to be a forged nomination of President Trump for the prize. The matter has been referred to the Oslo police for investigation.

Moreover, the forgery appears to have occurred twice: Olav Njolstad, the secretary of the five-member committee, said it appeared that a forged nomination of Mr. Trump for the prize was also submitted last year — and was also referred to the police. (The earlier forgery was not disclosed to the public at the time.)

Inspector Rune Skjold, the head of the economic crimes section of the Oslo police, said that investigators had been in touch with the F.B.I. since last fall, which suggests that the forged nominations originated in the United States. He said the police believed that the same perpetrator was behind both forgeries.

Forged in what sense?

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Mr. Njolstad of the Nobel committee, said, “We verify all nominations, at least the ones with a shadow of doubt.”

Mr. Njolstad declined to provide details or copies of the forged nominations, but he said it was fair to assume that the documents purported to have been from a nominator who — when contacted — said the nominations were not valid.

So someone in a red MAGA cap pretending to be a person or organization of the kind that gets to nominate people for the prize.

Now if there were a prize for shameless lying…

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