They like to catch people

The BBC reports more startling examples of Trump’s mind-blindness.

Donald Trump says he has finished answering questions about alleged Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The US leader told reporters he had personally answered the questions “very easily”, but his responses had yet to be submitted to the investigating team.

That’s just gooofy as well as mind-blind…as if he were taking a test as opposed to answering questions from The Law.

On Thursday, he took to Twitter to describe Mr Mueller as “conflicted”, called the investigation “absolutely nuts”, adding that those involved in the long-running probe “are a disgrace to our nation”.

No awareness that other people will see this as lunacy coming from a president who is talking about his own justice department. He apparently can’t even form the thought that we will think he sounds like a mobster as opposed to Mister President.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, he said the investigation had wasted “millions and millions of dollars” and “should never have taken place”.

Mr Trump also suggested the people who wrote the questions he agreed to answer “probably have bad intentions”.

“I’m sure they’re tricked-up because, you know, they like to catch people,” Mr Trump said, after making it clear he had written the answers to the questions.

That’s the one that really stood out. They probably have bad intentions, they trick-up their questions, they like to catch people – all said by the president about federal law enforcement.

Narcissism like that is so all-engulfing that it makes everything About the Self. The investigation is unpleasant to Donald Trump, THEREFORE it is bad in itself and will be obviously so to EVERYONE.

It’s a severe disability. Severe.

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