Vengeance! plague! death! confusion!

First of all, there’s the headline.

Joe Arpaio, the fiery former sheriff from Arizona, will run for Senate

Stop that. He’s not “fiery”; he’s racist and sadistic and a lawbreaker. He tortured people locked up in his jail, he violated their rights, he ignored laws meant to govern such behavior.

There’s that little exchange between Lear and Gloucester…


Deny to speak with me? They are sick? they are weary?
They have travell’d all the night? Mere fetches;
The images of revolt and flying off.
Fetch me a better answer.
My dear lord,
You know the fiery quality of the duke;
How unremoveable and fix’d he is
In his own course.
Vengeance! plague! death! confusion!
Fiery? what quality? Why, Gloucester, Gloucester,
I’ld speak with the Duke of Cornwall and his wife.

With Lear I say “Fiery?! what quality?!”

Joe Arpaio, the longtime Phoenix-area sheriff whose headline-grabbing approach to immigration made him an ally of President Trump, will run in the 2018 Republican primary to replace Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

Again with the excessive tact. His approach wasn’t just “headline-grabbing.” Quit burying the lede.

Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt for having ignored a judge’s order to stop detaining immigrants simply because he suspected that they lacked legal status. But he had an ally in Trump, who had campaigned alongside Arpaio. Trump said the former sheriff was treated “unbelievably unfairly.”

Within weeks of the conviction, Trump granted Arpaio a full and unconditional pardon — the first of his presidency. Democrats cried foul, and dozens of them filed an unsuccessful lawsuit to stop the pardon. Arpaio returned to public life, speaking at a fundraiser for a congressional challenger to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

And now this.

We’re living in a sewer.

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