School for Girls has asked staff to not use the word “girls”

BBC Northwest tells us:

No “girls” at Altrincham Girls….
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls has asked staff to not use the word “girls” when talking to pupils because they don’t want transgender pupils to be “misgendered”. But say there are no plans to drop the “Girls” from the school’s name.
The plan was announced in a letter to parents from Principal Stephanie Gill. She said …” We have moved to using gender neutral language in all our communications with students and parents. We are working to break ingrained habits in the way we speak to and about students, particularly referring to them collectively as ‘girls’.”

[takes deep breath]

How can you possibly be a principal of a girls’ school while you are working to train your students (who are girls) to break ingrained habits such as talking about girls?

How, in fact, can you have even basic rights-respecting attitudes to girls and women and yourself if you are busy trying to get rid of the word and category “girls”?

Why would a woman whose career it is to teach and administer the teaching of girls decide that she and her school need to remove the word “girls” from their language?

What the hell do they think they’re doing?

Ok, I know, they think they’re being sensitive toward trans people (aka, for some reason, trans “folx”). But how can they possibly think that sensitivity to trans people requires them to erase the words for this whole massive subordinated group of people?

Should we stop talking about workers in order to be sensitive to rich people?

Should we stop talking about black people in order to be sensitive to white people who “feel black” inside?

Should we stop talking about immigrants in order to be sensitive to people who like tamales?

Look, if humans ever get to the point where women are not seen as inferior by anyone anywhere then maybe it would make sense to talk more about people and less about women and men (although the whole childbirth thing not to mention the whole procreation thing hinders getting rid of sexual differentiation entirely), but guess what, we are not there yet. We’re not in sight of there yet. We’re so far from there that it’s pathetic and ludicrous.

I wonder how Altrincham Girls School is talking about #MeToo.

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