We don’t leave female journalists alone with Lawrence

There are people corroborating the BuzzFeed story on Lawrence Krauss on social media.

Elise Andrew for one.

Adding my voice to this – in 2013 I attended an event with Krauss and considered requesting an interview. Was told by someone who works with him that “we don’t leave female journalists alone with Lawrence”. Decided not to do the interview.

This “whisper network” people are talking about wasn’t made up of people who didn’t like him and wanted to smear him. It was people who worked with him who didn’t want to deal with the drama.

The same would apply to other people who warned women about Krauss: the goal was not [necessarily] to smear Krauss but to warn the women. That’s how it works. Warnings about people are also damaging to the reputations of said people, but that’s inherently part of such warnings.

A comment on a public post by Daniel Bastian:

A few years ago, I watched him proposition an 18 year old who had recently escaped a home schooling religious cult. I wasn’t sure why people I used to be close to didn’t decide he was a lowlife right then and there.

Drip drip drip.

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