We should note that this is the talk of authoritarians

Jennifer Rubin puts it another (but related) way:

President Trump is back in the United States — and back to attacking democracy. He tweets:

I know, we’ve already seen the tweet, but it’s worth looking at twice.

We should note that this is the talk of authoritarians; it shows contempt for the office of the president, whom the Constitution designates to “to take care” that the nation’s laws are faithfully executed. It’s also a frightful peek at what he might do in 2020 should the vote not go his way.

You know, I think we’ve thought all this time (until Trump) that we were better than that. Not better as people, exactly, but better as a collective. Maybe it was just “better” in the sense of: because aware of what happened in Germany starting in the 30s. It’s not comfortable learning we’re not.

Trump’s appointment of an unqualified, radical political hack, Matthew G. Whitaker, as acting attorney general likewise shows his disdain for the rule of law and proclivity to impede or even crush the Russia probe. We should be worried that he is spoiling for a constitutional crisis that can rally his base.

Trump’s decision to revoke the press pass for Jim Acosta is a blatant violation of the First Amendment. (First Amendment guru Floyd Abrams confirms that CNN and Acosta would have a strong lawsuit, an option reportedly under consideration.) Once more, Trump violates his oath to preserve and protect the Constitution.

Can someone stop him? We don’t know.

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