Well she dishonoured the village, you see

News from India Today:

An 18-year-old Muslim girl in Nawada district, Bihar was tied to a tree and caned by her family members for loving a Hindu boy. Her punishment was allegedly a result of the village panchayat’s diktat.

The incident happened on Wednesday (October 3) in Jogiya Maran village falling under Rajauli police station in Nawada. She remained tied to the tree for around five hours.

When she was being thrashed, no one came to her rescue.

Or while she stayed there tied to the tree for five hours either, apparently.

The two wanted to marry but her family was against it, so she ran away to his village.

The girl’s family came to know that she was with Kumar and soon went to his place to bring her back.

Thereafter, the panchayat was convened which directed the girl’s family to punish her for dishonouring the village. The girl was then tied to a tree and caned.

That will teach her to love the village and the people in it.

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