When violence against women is just a joke

Meanwhile…the “skeptics” movement frays some more.

See it? 18 minutes apart – lies and misrepresentation are Andy’s stock in trade, then 18 minutes later I don’t know Andy apart from his comments on this one blog post.

So that’s quite a disjunction, but much worse is the sewer of comments on that post, which I read with disgust yesterday. A couple of people there are literally rejoicing that Maria MacLachlan was physically attacked at Speakers Corner last year; others are minimizing it. Now we see that PZ has no problem with that, but does have a problem with people who object.

For one:

John Morales:

alanhenness, what makes you imagine I believe they were all wrong?

It was a scuffle at a protest. A minor scuffle, at that. No injuries, even, and it resulted in a fine and costs. And it was to the letter of the law.
In fact, I wrote so: “I do get how the judge had to uphold the letter of the law”. Add to that the police and the CPS, FWTW.

What I mean to express is that I find it laughable to consider it as constituting “male violence against women” (interesting use of the plural, there). Might as well claim a celebrity knocking the camera off some paparazza is the same thing.

So, yeah. Less than impressed by your characterisation.
Making a mountain out of a molehill, is what you’re attempting. Ain’t working.

Be aware that you have only yourself to thank for providing me with that perspective, I took Maria at her word, earlier.

(Violent assault, my arse)


Porrivil Sorrens:

Oh man, thanks for the vids, always glad to see a FART get their comeuppance.

Well, it was less than what she deserved, but violence against fascists is good, no matter how light.


A. Noyd:

Given the penchant anti-trans bigots have for doxxing and harassing trans women, a known TERF activist with a camera would reasonably read as a threat to a lot of trans women. Not that getting physical and batting at the camera was a wise course of action, but it didn’t exactly lack provocation either. It’s like talk of “peaceful ethnic cleansing” or those forced-birthers who go around taking photos of license plates near Planned Parenthood.

And then finishing up with:


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