What’s all this “tackling corruption” nonsense?

Good ol’ Rudy:

Donald Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani caused a diplomatic stir on Tuesday by complaining to the president of Romania about the country’s efforts to tackle corruption and calling for an amnesty for some convicted criminals.

In a letter to Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, which was published by Mediafax, Giuliani sharply criticised what he called “excesses made in the name of ‘law enforcement’” by Romania’s national anti-corruption directorate. The agency, he said, had used unfair tactics against suspects and intimidated judges and lawyers.

And you know what else? He did it because people paid him to.

Giuliani’s remarks aligned him with political forces in Romania who last month succeeded in ousting the country’s top corruption prosecutor, who had pursued senior politicians, prompting tumultuous public protests.

Gee, does that ring any bells? Any dingdingmuellerdingding?

His letter was written under the letterhead of Giuliani Partners, his private consultancy firm, and did not mention his role as personal lawyer to the US president. Giuliani said in a text message he was acting as a contractor for the Freeh Group, a consultancy run by his friend Louis Freeh, the former FBI director. Freeh is currently “advising a Romanian defendant contesting his conviction” by the anticorruption agency, according to an interview he gave Forbes last week.

He’s collecting a (doubtless large) paycheck for his efforts to impede Rumania’s efforts to get rid of corruption. Nice guy.

The State Department said “Giuliani Who?”

By then the former New York City mayor’s letter had been criticised by Romania’s ambassador to the US, George Maior, who said Giuliani appeared to be speaking on behalf of Romanians “who have problems with the justice system”.

Oh, coincidence, he’s doing the same thing in the US! Only, for “Romanians” swap “a president.”

Romania scores 48 out of 100 on a perceived government corruption scale measured by Transparency International, where 0 is the most corrupt and 100 least. Romania ranks joint 59th out of 180 countries, alongside Greece and Jordan.

Well so there’s plenty of room for Romania to become more corrupt. Shoulder to the wheel, Rudy.

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