What’s the politics of a hurricane?

If you were worrying about Hurricane Florence, about to dump 20 inches of rain on South and North Carolina, don’t: Rush Limbaugh says it’s all a ploy to big up climate change.

The right-wing radio host said during his show that hurricane forecasting has been amplified in order to convince people that climate change is causing greater natural disasters, noting how previous hurricanes are downgraded before they make landfall.

“These things have become very politicized as you know, folks. Hurricanes and hurricane forecasting is much like much else that the left has gotten its hands on, and they politicize these things. For those of you asking, ‘What’s the politics of a hurricane?’ Climate change is the politics of hurricanes. The forecast and the destruction potential doom and gloom is all to heighten the belief in climate change.”

That pesky left. How did it get its hands on hurricanes? They’re so wiggly.

He said it last year, too.

“There is a desire to advance this climate change agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it,” he said during a September 5, 2017 broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show.

“You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don’t need a hurricane to hit anywhere. All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more dangerous, and you create the panic, and it’s mission accomplished, agenda advanced.”

And when the hurricane does happen and it does leave devastation in its path…erm…it’s probably the left seeding the clouds with its big leftwing airplanes.

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