Why are we putting up with this?

The Evening Standard says Julie Bindel had it coming.

CONTROVERSIAL feminist writer Julie Bindel says she was “lunged” at last night by an activist who had to be restrained by security guards. Bindel, co-founder of Justice For Women, was leaving a panel event at Edinburgh University when she was approached by activist Cathy Brennan, a trans woman whom Bindel mis-identifies as a man. “He ran right at me, was inches away from me. His fists were raised and his face was twisted with hatred and anger,” Bindel told The Londoner this morning.

Note the care to monster her with the very first word, which luckily is in all caps.

Then note that they see fit to say she “mis-identifed” as a man this large man who felt large and male and confident enough to lunge at her.

Much misidentify.


The Standard again:

Brennan posted on Twitter last night that she “lost my sh*t at Julie Bindel. She filmed me. I’m safe”. Brennan also claimed “the truth of the matter is that I did not raise a fist. I attempted to push past security so I could speak…with a person who has caused great harm to trans people.” The panel, entitled “Women’s Sex-Based Rights: what does (and should) the future hold?”, had already drawn anger last month after the Edinburgh University’s Students’ Association Liberation group accused the university of “stirring up transphobia” for hosting it.

The panel didn’t “draw” anger. Some students chose to get angry about it. Saying the panel “drew” anger shifts the responsibility.

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