A lot to deal with over the years

More on the trans women running with women in the Boston marathon last year issue:

Transgender women will race in next week’s Boston Marathon, officials say — a decision sparking controversy among experts who disagree on whether runners who identify as women but were born male might hold a competitive advantage.

At least five openly transgender women are signed up to run April 16. And while they aren’t the first, they’re helping bring clarity to the race’s stance on transgender runners.

“We take people at their word. We register people as they specify themselves to be,” said Tom Grilk, chief of the Boston Athletic Association, the group behind the race. “Members of the LGBT community have had a lot to deal with over the years, and we’d rather not add to that burden.”

Unlike women, who have had nothing but love and support and encouragement since time began.

That decision could prove controversial, said Bob Girandola, associate professor in the Department of Human Biology at the University of Southern California. He said if transgender runners produce higher levels of testosterone than their female competitors, that’s an issue.

“If they still have male gonads, they will have an advantage over other women — there is no way around that,” Girandola said. “It gives them an unfair advantage. Maybe they have to have a separate category if they’re going to do that. It’s a dilemma.”

Others disagree. For transgender women who lower testosterone levels, medical experts say there’s no evidence of an athletic advantage.

“That’s a misconception and a myth,” said Dr. Alex Keuroghlian, director of education and training programs at the Fenway Institute, a health and advocacy center for Boston’s LGBT community. “There’s no physiologic advantage to being assigned male at birth.”

So the biologist says there’s an advantage, and the unspecified Dr. who is a director of education says there isn’t. Why should we believe the latter? What does he know about it? Plus…seriously? There’s no physical advantage to having a male body?

They just don’t even bother, do they. Make it up, lie, lie more than Trump lies – whatever. Men are actually oppressed by women, and pigs have wings.

There are prizes in the Boston Marathon. Money prizes.

The fastest overall man and woman each win $150,000. Second place for each category gets $75,000, and third takes home $40,000. The rest of the top 15 win prize money as follows:

  • Fourth: $25,000
  • Fifth: $15,000
  • Sixth: $12,000

And smaller down to $1,500 for 15th.

So trans women will have a shot at stealing money prizes from women too.

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