A nationally recognized expert

Chase Strangio is a staffer at the ACLU:

Chase Strangio is a Staff Attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT & HIV Project and a nationally recognized expert on transgender rights.

Strangio is also a trans man.

Strangio makes a melodramatic claim:

We die because we are told we can’t live. We die because people oppose the premise of our existence. We die because you want us to. Call me dramatic. Mock me. Threaten me but I am going to fight for my people to live. NO matter what you do.

Obligingly, I did call that claim melodramatic. That’s because it is. Trans people don’t flop over and die because people tell them things, and they are not told they “can’t live.” This is just a variation on the “you’re denying our existence” nonsense that we hear constantly, and it’s just as fatuous. Saying people can’t magically turn themselves into something they’re not by saying some words is not saying the people who attempt it don’t exist. Being wrong about oneself is not the same thing as not existing, or for that matter as sudden death.

Nobody “opposes the premise of their existence.” That’s more word-magic. What I for one oppose is not their private ideas about themselves but their bullying efforts to force everyone else to agree with them. That’s it. That’s all it is. We just are not obliged to endorse other people’s fantasies. We’re not obliged to, and being bullied for refusing is itself an injustice.

Chase Strangio of course is all for the “right” of boys to identify as girls and then compete against girls in sport and snap up all the prizes. What about those girls? What about the premise of their existence? Why is Strangio so indifferent to them?

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