A new branch of rape culture

A BC human rights tribunal has been hearing Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv’s complaint that a woman who did genital waxing for women out of her living room refused to wax Yaniv’s balls. It got rowdy.

At one point, the complainant compared the business owner to a neo-Nazi. The lawyer for the business owner accused the complainant of engaging in “half-truths and fabrications.” Tribunal adjudicator Devyn Cousineau frequently had to interject to maintain decorum and to keep the hearing from careening off course.

But a substantive question remained at the core of the raucous daylong hearing: should a business be allowed to deny service on the basis of gender identity?

But that is not the substantive question. That’s pretty much the opposite of the substantive question. The substantive question is: should a woman be allowed to refuse to wax a man’s balls in her living room regardless of how he “identifies”?

To put it another way, the issue isn’t “I refuse to wax your balls because of your gender identity,” it’s “I refuse to wax your balls because I wax women only and you’re a man.”

(Frankly I don’t think anybody should wax anybody’s genitalia, because I don’t think people should wax their genitalia in the first place, and I think the whole stupid porny trend is sick, but that’s another matter.)

Jessica Yaniv, the complainant, told the hearing she was entitled to receive the advertised wax service and that if the tribunal ruled against her it could lead to a “dangerous” precedent.

“You cannot choose who your clientele is going to be,” she said.

When you’re going to be fiddling around with their genitalia in your living room with no one else around? Yes you can. When the two sets of genitalia are not identical and require different training to wax and you have only one kind of training? Yes you can.

The complaint heard Wednesday is one of more than a dozen filed by Yaniv, who describes herself as a digital marketing expert and LGBTQ activist. All allege she was the subject of discrimination by salons. A few complaints have been settled without hearing or withdrawn.

That is to say, Yaniv has been systematically seeking out women who offer waxing services in private in order to sue them. Yaniv is an evil human being.

Earlier this month the JCCF also represented two other aestheticians who were the subject of similar complaints from Yaniv. One of them, a Sikh woman, said she declined to provide the waxing service for religious and safety reasons, according to a column posted by John Carpay, the centre’s president, on the website The Post Millennial.

Businesses shouldn’t be allowed to use religion and culture to refuse service, Yaniv said.

Yanivs shouldn’t be allowed to use trans ideology to persecute women.

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