A pompous “ass”

Trump has been raging at Mitt Romney most of the day, with some raging at Adam Schiff by way of refreshment.

Ten hours ago:

Somebody please wake up Mitt Romney and tell him that my conversation with the Ukrainian President was a congenial and very appropriate one, and my statement on China pertained to corruption, not politics. If Mitt worked this hard on Obama, he could have won. Sadly, he choked!

Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!

Seven hours ago:

“Schiff is a FRAUD!” @dbongino

Five hours ago:

Not only are the Do Nothing Democrats interfering in the 2020 Election, but they are continuing to interfere in the 2016 Election. They must be stopped!

Wut? How do you interfere in an election three years in the past?

I’m hearing that the Great People of Utah are considering their vote for their Pompous Senator, Mitt Romney, to be a big mistake. I agree! He is a fool who is playing right into the hands of the Do Nothing Democrats! #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY

Oh and by the way

So Crooked Hillary Clinton can delete and acid wash 33,000 emails AFTER getting a Subpoena from the United States Congress, but I can’t make one totally appropriate telephone call to the President of Ukraine? Witch Hunt!

An hour ago:

Mitt, get off the stage, you’ve had your turn (twice)!

Schiff and the Do Nothing Dems have lost all credibility…but the corrupt Media is working hard to keep them in the game!

All very normal.

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