A sub-department of the Social Justice Movement

Ray Blanchard interviwed at Quillette:

I published my early writings on autogynephilia in specialty journals with very small circulations. I intended them for a tiny readership of clinicians who specialized in the assessment and management of gender-dysphoric patients. However, this work attracted the attention of two individuals who decided to promote it more broadly, one online (Anne A. Lawrence) and one in a book (J. Michael Bailey). These efforts, especially the book, enraged three influential trans women—two of them senior academics—who attempted to get Bailey fired from his teaching position at Northwestern University for writing it. This campaign has been documented in detail by Alice D. Dreger, a medical historian. Paradoxically, the efforts of trans activists, then and today, to completely suppress any mention of autogynephilia in public discourse has resulted in an increased public awareness of it. I think the self-defeating behavior of trans activists has persisted because the idea of autogynephilia cuts too close to the bone. If the idea had no resonance with them, they would simply have ignored it, and the idea of autogynephilia would just be one of many forgotten hypotheses of gender identity disorder.

Subsequently other strange and unexpected (to me) events befell my notion of autogynephilia. Modern trans activists reframed transsexualism/transgenderism as a political problem rather than a clinical problem. The flat denial that autogynephilia exists became a canon of modern trans activism, trans activism become a sub-department of the Social Justice Movement, and the Social Justice Movement became a primary combatant in the ongoing, pervasive Culture Wars.

And that is the hell we are now living in. The flat denial that autogynephilia exists became a canon of modern trans activism, along with the flat assertion that trans women are women, and the accompanying dictat that failure to accept and echo that assertion is evil, the most evil evil possible, and deserving of ostracism and violence.

And that’s fucked up. No other branch of political activism is like that, because it’s nonsensical and thus tyrannical. To be an Approved Person you have to affirm falsehoods, and you have to keep on affirming them many times every day, and you have to bully and harass anyone who refuses to Affirm the Falsehoods, and you have to insist that trans women are the most marginalized vulnerable group in the universe. You have to “center” your politics, including your feminism, on men who fetishize themselves as women. How’s that working? Badly.

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