A woman, after all

The NY Times gave “Rachel” McKinnon an op ed slot to instruct the world on why it’s fine for him to compete against women despite the physical advantages that a male body gives him.

People love to claim that I cheated. I didn’t. Cycling’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale, has no doubts that I followed all of the rules. I completed an antidoping test to ratify my world record. I didn’t use any suspicious or dangerous tactics in any of my races.

This from a philosopher. “Look, this official body has no doubts, therefore it is absolute truth that I didn’t cheat! There’s no other way to look at it! It can’t be that the official body is wrong and that I’m exploiting a fashion in order to cheat and win medals and fame and op ed slots at the Times! There is absolutely no difference of any kind between what an official body says and the actual truth of the matter. None!” Very philosophy, much rational.

Many want me to race against men. I have news for them: I’m not allowed. I’m legally female. My birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, U.S. permanent resident card, medical records and my racing license all have an “F” on them. The Union Cycliste Internationale, USACycling, Cycling Canada, the Canadian and United States governments and the state of South Carolina all agree that I’m female.

The rules require me to race in the women’s category. That’s exactly where I belong: I am a woman, after all. I am female as well.

“After all” is the argument. Convincing, yeah?

Trans women are women. We are female. And we are not taking over. No openly trans woman has set an open elite world record in any sport (remember: mine is in masters racing). No openly trans woman has won an elite world championship in any sport, let alone a medal.

There haven’t been any reported cases of gender fraud, where a male athlete is given a female passport or birth certificate by an unscrupulous nation, for the purposes of slipping a “man” into a women’s Olympic event. If there were going to be mass gender fraud, we’d have seen it by now.

Another killer professional-philosopher knock-down argument: we’d have seen it by now!

We have seen it by now, in fact, it’s just that shits like him are pretending otherwise. We have seen multiple cases of men who say they are women taking prizes away from women or knocking them down or breaking their legs or smashing their faces or all of the above. We have seen it already, and it’s early days; the longer it goes on the more of it we will see. He is part of it, and he’s an academic of sorts, so the Times publishes his gossamer-thin “arguments” in support of this grotesque injustice.

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