His birth certificate says he’s really female

What’s DOCTOR Rachel up to? Accusing other people of “poor sportsmanship.” Yes really.

But first there was the rallying call to the troops, excuse me I mean the “babes.”

Babes, just ignore the random transphobes. Block and let them scream into the void.


The void. He thinks that if he blocks us what we’re left with is the void. Now that’s narcissism.

Either or.

Many people claim to support trans women

But often they only support us until our lives impact them in any meaningful way

In my case, people literally say they support trans women…but not in sport

There can be no ‘but’

We are either full and equal women, or not

We are.

How? Why? Based on what? He might as well say “We are either full and equal armadillos, or not”

But facts. Facts, I tell you!

And babes, facts don’t care about your feelings: medical professionals (WHO, AMA), mental health practitioners (both APA’s), and sport (IOC) all say that trans women are *real* women, are really female. Cry about it all you want. Your feelings won’t change the facts that we are.

That’s hilarious, especially coming from a philosopher. Institutions saying things=those things are FACTS. Real, true, irrefutable FACTS, unlike your stupid fluffy FEELINGS. Medical professionals, by which I mean the people who write policy statements for institutions like the WHO and the AMA, say that trans women are real women, and so that claim becomes a stone cold fact.


Also it has to do with who matters and who doesn’t.

There’s no need for me to change *your* misguided opinion on the matter. You *don’t* matter.

Sorry. You don’t.

So we can be swept away then? Like so much rubble?

He’s so trumpy.

Everyone who *does* matter already says we’re real women, really female.

My birth certificate, passport, US green card, etc etc all say I’m really female.

Note, again, the risibly unphilosophical treatment of various official certificates as guarantees of absolute truth.

This is why I refuse to debate, live or otherwise, whether trans women are *really* women.

That debate is over.

You lost. Your feelings don’t trump our rights and basic human dignity.

Get a better hobby. Obsessing and harassing trans women is not a good hobby.

Our feelings don’t trump his rights…but apparently his feelings do trump our rights. Why is that, exactly?

The thing is, the people who oppose trans women’s full and equal rights think that the ‘facts’ are on their side.

This is why they always come back to “common sense.”

That’s not an argument, loves. It’s the last refuge of the ignorant. It means you’ve already lost, bad.

No, we don’t always come back to “common sense,” and the accusation is laughable coming from someone who claims PR releases from institutions=absolute unarguable truth.

Coming up next: the “poor sportsmanship” follies.

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