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Just wrapped a 2 day shoot

Jan 8th, 2020 4:33 pm | By

Speaking of DOCTOR Veronica Ivy formerly known as Rachel McKinnon…this is interesting.

Would DOCTOR Veronica be getting a feature in Bicycling mag if he were still racing as a man? Would he still be doing a two day photo/video shoot if he were still racing as a man?

Of course not. He was a dud as a cyclist of the male category. Nobody would be paying the smallest attention to his cycling if he hadn’t jumped over to the other side, where it’s so much easier for a man to grab the top spot.

It’s a win-win, because he gets to steal medals that belong to women, and he gets to milk the resulting objections and anger for publicity … Read the rest

It doesn’t matter if you disagree

Dec 28th, 2019 9:50 am | By

Also in Peak Philosophy, Veronica Ivy explains that laws cannot be questioned or criticized, much less flouted (goodbye civil rights movements and protests all over the world). If it’s the law it’s pointless for you to say it’s mistaken or sinister or just plain evil. Nazi law? Slave state law? Saudi law? Never you mind whether they’re just or not, they’re the law. Sit down.… Read the rest

The appropriate authorities have been contacted

Dec 28th, 2019 9:44 am | By

DOCTOR Veronica Ivy Rachel McKinnon is being peak philosopher again.

Peak philosopher Ivy McKinnon is framing a disagreement about the ontology of the category “woman” as hate speech which must be reported to “the appropriate authorities” and flagged up to Michael Robinson’s sponsors, clearly in the hope that they will all drop Robinson instantly and with public opprobrium.… Read the rest

Peak veronica

Dec 20th, 2019 3:27 pm | By

Veronica Ivy (formerly known as Rachel McKinnon) has another piece on How Evil Are The Feminists. It’s almost as if this trans thing is an excellent grift for Veronica Rachel.

Still full of lies though. Lies are not a great look on a philosopher.

Hate speech has no place in a free and democratic society. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. And yet, constantly, people in a position of relative power or authority seem to be saying that they should have the right to say or write rude, vile, violent or discriminatory things about their fellow citizens. But even more, they think that they should be legally protected from any and all consequences of

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For non-example

Dec 20th, 2019 2:49 pm | By

DOCTOR McKinnon did a piece for Vice attacking Rowling yesterday, because of course he did. The byline is Veronica Ivy, and a sentence at the end says:

Veronica Ivy, PhD, is a philosophy professor and athlete who has previously gone by Rachel McKinnon.

Before that he went by Rhys McKinnon. Anyway – the usual lies are summoned.

“Gender critical” is a neologism that refers to a loose collection of people focused on opposing equal rights for trans people, and specifically trans women.

Big lie. We do not oppose equal rights for trans people.

They claim that, for example, trans women are really male/men and should be excluded from women-only spaces, and should not have the legal protections against discrimination on

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In addition to male puberty

Nov 1st, 2019 5:10 pm | By

Madeleine Kearns at the National Review can see it, but the wokies can’t. Strange times.

Rachel McKinnon — the so-called defending “world champion” of women’s track cycling — is a man. I’ll repeat that so my meaning cannot be misconstrued. He is a man.

Maybe my kind-hearted reader is offended by this blunt phrasing. Why am I calling McKinnon a man — when, perhaps for complicated reasons, he would rather be called a woman? Why don’t I compromise and call him a “trans woman,” as others do? Or be polite and address him by “she/her” pronouns, like everyone else in the media?

I doubt that many readers of National Review have that particular brand of kind-heartedness – the kind … Read the rest

YOU become responsible

Oct 22nd, 2019 11:52 am | By

McKinnon shared this extraordinary tweet last night:

Missgendering is a HUGE trigger for suicidal ideation. Every time u MISGENDER a trans person YOU become responsible for their suicide attempts. If u have ever misgendered someone and as a result they committed, then YOU are to blame for said person losing their life. #transrights

Seriously? Is that true even if the “misgendered” person is not present when you “misgender” zem? And how does anyone know the person who “committed” did it because YOU “misgendered” zem?

If both of those claims are true then talking to or about people at all becomes a terrible hazard. Maybe we’d better all just stop doing it?

Don’t forget, McKinnon is an academic, whose field is … Read the rest


Oct 21st, 2019 11:42 am | By

McKinnon gloating:

There are no words, just the photo of the cheater’s two stolen medals and his “rainbow” jersey.… Read the rest

Do better people

Oct 20th, 2019 5:16 pm | By
Do better people

Rachel McKinnon has some deep thoughts for people who aren’t respectful of sport and fair play.

Masters women’s track cycling is a rare and special thing. It allows us to extend our competitive careers and not think so much about contracts or going to the Olympics. We’re a small community, and we should take GOOD CARE of each other.

Like, by not competing against each other if we’re not actually women? That kind of GOOD CARE of each other?

Think about the optics of your behaviors. My new friend, multi time Danish elite national champion is now a friend. We bonded. And she chose to wear one of my #sportisahumanright stickers on her jersey on the podium!! That’s a

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Stronger competition

Oct 20th, 2019 11:33 am | By

Champ has more:

I have yet to meet a real champion who has a problem with trans women.

Real champions want stronger competition.

If you win because bigotry got your competition banned… you’re a loser.

Real champions may want stronger competition but that doesn’t mean they want unfair competition. Champion footballers age 12 no doubt want to play against the best age 12s, that doesn’t mean they want to play against the best adult players.

What a truly gruesomely self-serving self-flattering dishonest thing to say – that conceited selfish narcissistic piece of shit telling the women he’s doing them a favor by upping the competition when in fact he’s stealing their chances.

It’s not being a loser for women … Read the rest

Second place kept her distance

Oct 20th, 2019 9:58 am | By
Second place kept her distance

DOCTOR Rachel won his race against the women:

I’ll just let this photo to stand for itself. Two new friends, and a serious supporter of my racing, sharing the joy of achieving hard-won goals. Can’t wait to see Kirsten next year.

…and then somewhat less… …

Louise Moody has a better photo:

Doc Rachel comments:

Third place, Kirsten wore my sticker as a sign of solidarity. We hugged, and are embracing here in celebration. Second place kept her distance and put her hand behind her back as her own sign… signifying something like poor sportsmanship.

Except that “second place” was actually first place, but Rachel stole her medal by cheating. Rachel has some nerve accusing … Read the rest

His birth certificate says he’s really female

Oct 20th, 2019 9:41 am | By

What’s DOCTOR Rachel up to? Accusing other people of “poor sportsmanship.” Yes really.

But first there was the rallying call to the troops, excuse me I mean the “babes.”

Babes, just ignore the random transphobes. Block and let them scream into the void.


The void. He thinks that if he blocks us what we’re left with is the void. Now that’s narcissism.

Either or.

Many people claim to support trans women

But often they only support us until our lives impact them in any meaningful way

In my case, people literally say they support trans women…but not in sport

There can be no ‘but’

We are either full and equal women, or not

We are.

How? Why? … Read the rest


Oct 19th, 2019 4:30 pm | By

McKinnon is still gloating.

Sometimes you have a chance to create an iconic moment…this was mine.

It’s “iconic” all right, but not in the way he means.

Beth Rep yesterday:

“I might have an advantage, but I don’t always win”

Male logic for why it’s ok for males to compete in female only events — apparently as long as they don’t win EVERY single time, it’s fair.

This male athlete smashed another women’s cycling world record yesterday. He gets to race against women because he “feels like a woman” inside. When will all you still staying quiet on this issue join us in the fight to #savewomenssport? Find your voice.

A comment:

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It is excluding women and girls from their own category

Oct 19th, 2019 12:00 pm | By

BBC Sport:

Some notable female athletes have said transgender athletes should not compete in female competitions.

They claim women who were born biological males retain a competitive advantage in some sport and have called for more research into the issue.

They don’t “claim” that, they simply point it out.

Ex-swimmer Sharron Davies said it will take female athletes “being thrown under the bus” at Tokyo 2020 before changes are made to transgender rules.

Prominent trans rights campaigner McKinnon has defended her right to compete, but said: “I’ve thought about giving up about half a dozen times a year at least.

“It’s so stressful to even show up for me given the sort of attention I get.

“Every athlete has

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DOCTOR McKinnon denounces

Oct 19th, 2019 11:43 am | By

McKinnon’s campaign to get more attention and fraudulent medals and attention is in high gear today. Just 15 minutes ago he announced:

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? She says GOLD! Back-to-back world sprint champion!! Way too many people to thank. Thank you especially to the dozens of fans cheering your heads off, and I’m glad to have met a new friend…

Yeah baby! Cheater’s gold! Awesome athlete Rachel – formerly Rhys – McKinnon wins GOLD by racing against women!


There he is, in all his glory, a man who stole a gold medal from a woman.

He has a new pinned tweet, which is a “press release”:


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Look at his…fox

Oct 16th, 2019 9:09 am | By

Women are privileged and oppressive and violent and in need of dire punishment, but pretend women are AWESOME. Like Rachel McKinnon for instance:

Silver…by…one… fucking… HUNDREDTH.

He SO almost won the gold…against one of those horrible oppressive women.

The fox poking out of his crotch is a nice touch.

More photo:

Sure, he towers over them, but never you mind. The only good woman is a pretend woman.

Modestly, he thanks all the little people.

A big giant thank you to everyone who got me to where I am. I set a personal best in the 500m TT last night of 36.911, and missed out on gold by only 0.010s. it’s rough to miss gold by so

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Cheating for medals

Oct 15th, 2019 4:21 pm | By
Cheating for medals

You may recall that “Rachel” McKinnon is in Manchester for cycling championships.

Facebook a few minutes ago:

Silver medal. Thus Naomi Lovesay lost her silver and Kirsten Herup Sovang lost her bronze.… Read the rest

Confidence is high

Oct 9th, 2019 9:33 am | By

DOCTOR McKinnon is off to the races.

Final TT prep before worlds!! I head to Manchester tomorrow. I’m anticipating 500m and 200m TT PBs…and a new masters women 200m TT world record.

#rainbowfoxracing #rainbowfox #worldchampion #herthighness…

He’s anticipating a new world record. How can he be so confident? Could it be because he’s anticipating it in a women’s race?… Read the rest

A totally normal if not almost universal experience for human beings

Oct 1st, 2019 9:52 am | By

The discussion continues.

Harrop again:

Same. I feel like I’m being labelled here — as a gay man — as being somewhat problematic or “immoral” for being exclusively attracted to other men. I feel like I deal with enough of that kind of oppressive & invalidating rhetoric already, & I feel somewhat attacked by it tbh


Do you think it’s wrong for someone, who is sexually orientated to include men, not to date a trans man because he has a vagina?

I’ll just format the rest like play dialogue for ease of reading.

Harrop: I think choosing to be or not to be intimate with a man with a particular genital configuration or indeed any type of … Read the rest

Between folks within our community

Oct 1st, 2019 9:21 am | By

Even Adrian Harrop can see it.

I‘ve stayed out of a certain discussion today — if you know, you know. However, what I will say is that it’s so disappointing to see such disrespect & division between folks within our community. I hope that folks will, in the fullness of time, try to find some common ground.

There is always room for debate and disagreement. Everyone sees things through the prism of their own life experience, and often our individual “takes” will come into conflict with one another. But please — for want of a better expression — let’s try to keep it above the belt.

When folks make things personal, & make disparaging or disrespectful remarks about each

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